About ZestForSpice

Hi there! My name is Barbie, the gal behind the blog Zest For Spice. I live in a cozy studio in downtown San Jose, California, with my furry pal, Billie. During the days I work for a start-up (cliche to the bay, I know!), but when I get home, I get to do what I really love: discover, create, and cook delicious foods! Living in such a culturally diverse area, I have been exposed to an enormous amount of flavors, spices, and cuisines. Over the passed few years my cooking has taken many turns, but at the heart of it is a passion for food, creativity, and to soak up as much knowledge as I can (Yes, I read recipes for fun!). I am simply here to share with you what I have learned, discover what I haven't, and to hopefully create those flavors that brings everyone to the table. Cheers!

A Note To You

Hi Folks!

Welcome to the birth of my humble little food blog, Zest For Spice. I am your everyday home cook who has a passion for discovering and creating delicious foods… And I just happen to love to blog. And what better way to bring those two loves together than by bantering about food!

I personally cook from my heart (cheesy I know!). Yes, I get ideas from recipes, food shows, cook books, and just good old fashion trial and error. But even knowing the exact measurements, times, tools, etc., I still do what feels right to me. That’s the thing about being a home cook, you can do whatever you want. You do not have to be traditional – breaks the rules! Cook what you want and how you want.

I am here to simply share with you what I know, what I have discovered, and what I feel is absolutely delicious! So as I set out on this next adventure of mine, I hope you get some inspiration from the stories to come, ideas for your next meal, or just a plan good old laugh!